professional BIRTHDAY Photo Booth rentals

Pro Photo Booth Group is here to provide the best birthday party photo booth rentals across Los Angeles, Orange County, & Long Beach! We have several photo booth rentals available for your party. Whether you are turning 18, 21, dirty thirty, or its a first birthday, we have you covered with tons of birthday props! Let's talk & get ready for party! 

led tower birthday Photo Booth rentals

The LED Tower photo booth rental for parties is here to make your birthday special. Its LED lights can change colors & flash to make the party pop! Equipped with a Canon professional camera and ring light for clear lighting on all your photo booth photos. It is our most affordable photo booth rental available if you are looking for a simple yet professional photo booth. Check out the LED Tower here.

classic birthday Photo Booth rentals

The Classic photo booth is the most popular for birthday photo booth rentals! Its studio flash lighting catches the clearest photos for your birthday party. Do you have a theme? We can create a custom home screen to math your party! Lets create a personal photo booth experience for you and your guests! Check out the Classic Photo Booth for yourself!

ipad birthday Photo Booth rentals

Our exciting iPad photo booth rental for your birthday party! The Reflection Selfie Station instantly prints your photo booth photos & you can share them directly to your phone at the same time! This IPad photo booth rental uses full monitor where you can display a pre-made slideshow of previous birthdays, baby photos, & more! Customize this iPad photo booth rental and make it as personal as you would like. Take a look at the Reflection Selfie Station here.





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