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360 video experience

360 video experience

Starting at $800

The 360 Video Experience is an unforgettable adventure that is sure to amaze you. Stand with up to 4 of your loved ones and have fun while our camera takes a full 360 trip around capturing it all! Instantly share your video on social media, text, & email. Looking to launch a new brand or product? Join the countless companies who use the 360 Video Experience to create a unique video that is sure to get plenty of shares and awareness. Have any questions? Send us a message today! 


  • 42 inch platform that can fit up to 4 guests!

  • Display monitor replaying a slideshow of videos

  • Take 360 videos with different effects

  • Adjustable arm for various video positions

  • Pearl white ring light for camera

  • Live online gallery

  • Custom video overlay

  • Collect emails & phone numbers